Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Singularity, Disclosure & Global First Contact

Excerpts from the Currently Unreleased Book, The Electronic Control Grid
(These bullet points are in rough draft form and may be changed in the final draft)

Disclosure Pages; Chapter 18
• Based on global contact with the galactic community (Extraterrestrials)
• Coincides with AI singularity and electronic telepathy advances
• Shadow government could co-opt it for some time / Shadow government manipulation will continue into this event
• Population will likely continue to be electronically mind controlled during this event
• Weaponized CIA & Vatican originated or influenced AIs with deceptive attribution
• Weaponized CIA & Vatican AIs devised for manipulation
• Engineered events to predictively program population related to key disclosure subjects (Similar to the ‘Engineered events to persuade into New Age beliefs’ bullet point but focused toward disclosure manipulations)
• Benevolent Federations / Evil Federations - ET contact with planet earth
• Global population is being conditioned for more desirable traits & beliefs for this era
• New Age disinformation weaponized versus the truths of the disclosure era (i.e. To retard truth absorption in a global contact event and in effect societal change)
• Disclosure of an archetypal war between good and evil behind the scenes throughout earth society’s history and also in the galaxy & universe
• Propaganda through electronic telepathy imprints
• Due to abundant successful psychological operations, a true disclosure event could shock people aware of conspiracy truths and/or extraterrestrials as much as the uninitiated
• Extraterrestrial disclosure will eventually finally happen (As the abundant psychological operations have predictively programmed the internet crowds about)

“It is difficult to understand the universe if you only study one planet.”
~Miyamoto Musashi

Disclosure (Continued)
• Extraterrestrials will have a curve of exopolitical restrictions related to what they can and cannot say agreed upon by conflicting polarities (Good vs. Evil)
• Government PR electronic telepathy AIs (Obviously bullshitters or intentionally nescient if they did this in the current time)
• Selected New Age psyop disinformation designed to program population against future technology (The apex form disclosure will come in - Mind canvas interfacing of reality through technology)
• Electronic telepathy will be the main and/or apex method of conveyance for disclosure
• Eventual access to extraterrestrial history documenting AIs
• Psychological operations spanning every major belief system will be exposed (e.g. Religious, Scientism, Occult, Conspiracy & New Age)
• Conspiracy research will be looked back upon and seen as just as infiltrated as any other demographic of information - Conspiracy information will also be validated
• Conspiracy aware people may think the truth is a psyop if psychological operations achieve their goals
• Eventually a prolific evil extraterrestrial agenda will be revealed to the public
• Exopolitics Explained - One of the most influential systems in existence
• Extraterrestrial electromagnetic weaponry behind old age “spiritual warfare” illusions (e.g. Shamans as some of the original targeted individuals with extraterrestrial electromagnetic technology posing as spirits / demons)
• Invisible extraterrestrial technology behind abundant mythology and culture surrounding demons
pre-NWO implementation of their own version of an electronic control grid
• Covert or overt character assassination done in modern times with the intention of discrediting certain truth tellers after disclosure (Including myself)
• Potential covert manipulation of laws in bloodline interests, designed for the disclosure era (e.g. Potentially this would be installed with electronic telepathy based laws)
• An army of pseudo-experts detracting from greater truths
• Equivalent of electronic telepathy psyche profiles for Corporations (This could get ugly)
• Perhaps Competent Leaders (if they exist) will eventually make conspiring with evil extraterrestrials illegal and punished with harsh penalties

“The top of the pyramid of the global conspiracy
is a reptilian extraterrestrial cult.” ~Omnisense
Disclosure (Continued)
• Extraterrestrials have documented earth’s history onto hard drives with the same black project surveillance technology spoken of in this book
• Extraterrestrial electronic telepathy files to explore history (Down to historic people in history’s thoughts and deepest motivations if disclosed)
• Incarnation histories of all humans on earth are on extraterrestrial hard drives
• Electronic telepathy & end game virtual reality incarnation history files to explore
• Electronic telepathy imprints to represent history manifestation of any given person, place or thing (Similar to the electronic telepathy psyche profiles spoken about previously in this book)
• Explorable world history documented down to neural monitoring
• Cultural electronic telepathy files to explore - (e.g. Exploration of ancient Egypt or other ancient lost cultures)
• Full global conspiracy eventually exposed
• Shadow government will be vying to distract from their crimes
• Vatican sources will be incessantly scheming to keep power, wealth, and influence
• Cover up of the conspiracy will eventually be impossible due to extraterrestrial surveillance done throughout history
• The events described in these pages will not happen all at once (i.e. When I say something will happen I am not saying this will all happen immediately when these events start)

“The black ops world will eventually be exposed by the
same technologies they use so liberally on the population.”
Disclosure (Continued)
• I’m unsure what will happen with 20th and early 21st century black project AI - But it’s a topic of interest
• Compartmentalized shill PR AIs that don’t know they are a shill
• The electronic control grid will eventually be transmuted to be used for the people or destroyed
• Central intelligence agency (CIA) may go down as the most evil organization in history
• Betrayers of humanity have known about these events and have planned for them
• Top of the pyramid conspires to enact a false messiah and/or misrepresent Christ
• True origins of religions controversially explained
• Various prophecies will be partially or fully fulfilled
• A biblical antichrist from the 20th and 21st centuries will be revealed
• Vatican exposed historically as a ‘Synagogue of Satan’
• Eventually the public will find out the true concepts behind Angels & Fallen Angels
• The origin & ethos of blood sacrifice explained - Origin of ritual sacrifice revealed
• Disclosure: A malicious ‘Reptilian Cult’ has been ruling mankind for ages
• The Satanic bloodlines ruling mankind may eventually have to change their names
• A conspiracy to commit genocide - ecocide - herbicide - ethnocide - menticide - vaticide - hereticide - christicide revealed
• Destruction brought upon the New World Order agenda (Not a reason for apathy, we need resistance even if the end result is determined already)
• Massive betrayals for power & rewards deserve to be prosecuted (In this life or the next)
• Deprogramming of untruth
• The inevitable destruction of the skeptic - Deeper truth will become mainstream
• Electronic telepathy enhancing laced with historical truth dating back millennia
• Stimulus to golden ages that last until the sun dies
• Luke 8:17 “For nothing is hidden that will not be revealed, and nothing concealed that will not be made known and brought to light.[1]”
[1]: NET Bible. "Luke 8:17 For There Is Nothing Hidden That Will Not Be Disclosed, And Nothing Concealed That Will Not Be Known Or Brought Out Into The Open.". N.p., 2016. Web. 14 Nov. 2016.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Introducing the Disclosure Subdomain

Just created this sub-domain to explore disclosure subjects. It may take some time to actually develop this website, but it is in my plans for the long term future.

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I am an underground music producer, independent author, graphic designer, filmmaker / videographer, de-occultist, activist, futurist, targeted individual, street historian, and researcher. I make futuristic psybient music and produce content exposing black project technology & covert operations.

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